Welcome to the brand new site for Forex traders that is a no bullshit zone. We will tell you like it is right here and if you don’t believe us you can go somewhere else..Yes ..that’s what we just said.

Between myself and Marc we have over 30 years of forex trading experience and we have both lost accounts and felt like giving up, tried multiple indicators, multiple strategies and had mentors, searched for that Holy Grail. Some will convince you it is out there or they have found it and let us tell you right here and right now, all of the above do not work, do not exist or are of no use. The best way to trade is to keep it simple and firstly learn how to accept losses as for sure as the sun rises each day… you will always have losing trades. There are many things people will tell you that make a good or successful trader but it can be pretty much narrowed down to the following:

  1. Patience… Waiting to find the right entry and not chase price. Overtrading kills accounts
  2. Discipline… to know when to pull a trade that is wrong and to not revenge trade when suffering a string of losers. Keep calm and disciplined.
  3. Risk management… Choosing your entries based on a win to loss ratio of more than 2 to 1
  4. Money Management… Making sure that you do not over-leverage yourself and choosing the correct lot size for any particular trade.

All sounds pretty simple right… BUT you would be surprised at how many traders are missing one or two of them and that is enough to lose many trades and ultimately your account… it’s how traders deal with a loss that dictates their ultimate success/demise.

Whilst this website is designed to impart our knowledge to those that wish to learn, we would love for you to go out there on your own and trade successfully and stop paying us. Yes, honestly. Think of us as a stepping stone to your own trading independence. We both have different ways of trading. One using Fractals or repeating price action and the other using Pitchforks…both methods of which are successful in their own right BUT when price signals combine they provide a much more powerful tool. We have taken years to get to where we are now and we truly believe in giving back and teaching but as in every walk of life, learning a trade or profession takes money and time. For this reason, we decided to charge for our experience but only 75€ a month and a great majority of that money will go to a charity and cover our admin costs.

It is also a service whereby we will try to give chart setups for a week in advance for longer-term trades..ie Areas Of Interest (AOI) to place trades (for those of you that are trading just part-time and have other jobs) and then we will also have a Twitter account that will be unlocked for all those members where we will be posting any intraday trades and charts. We will be available to answer any questions from you that you may have and we will be more than happy to discuss our respective trading methods during our weekly Webinars. If you do not understand something we are doing we would be more than happy to explain in more detail.

NOW this next part is important.

Having been in this business for a long time we KNOW that stops are targeted to be hit by the large banks and hedge funds and brokers as unscrupulous as they are more than likely selling retailers stop levels to these funds. This is why we never use stops and many of our longer term trades can have a significant drawdown before they ultimately become profitable. That is why money management and leverage become so important. We will always stipulate a level on our posted trades that if the price goes below or above we will cut the trade but it will likely be at least 2 support levels from our entry.

We are not the kind of guys to beat around the bush and will be brutally honest with you. This is not a mentoring service as we will not take skype calls or do one on one training. This is a website to give you trade ideas/setups, NOT specific trades. If you copy our trades on an intraday basis from those we will post on Twitter, you do so at your own risk and with your own risk management in place. Our accounts will differ in size to yours and therefore when determining lot size and leverage/margin for any specific trade calls we make. It is up to you to decide that. Remember: “Start small and you can add rather than starting large and being caught overleveraged if the price does not go your way….

Also, you can unsubscribe at any time. However if you unsubscribe mid-month there will be no refunds.


We are not here to give you fundamental analysis, or bullshit you with how great we think we are or tell you how much money we make. We are here because we are full-time professional traders who are making a living from trading Forex. We are not always profitable or right but over time we make more money than we lose. WE KNOW HOW TO LOSE AND NOT HAVE IT AFFECT OUR PSYCHE. We have made every mistake under the sun and have learned from them. We still make mistakes but we make sure the damage is controllable. Trading requires that you detach yourself from emotion as much as possible and accept losses as they are part and parcel of becoming a consistently profitable trader.